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Do you have only a few weeks left before going on vacation? A difficult period to manage, between the work subjects that must be completed in the office, the reservations that need to be confirmed, the small worries of the day to day ... You are overwhelmed ... It is difficult to move to the relaxation mode and imagine yourself on the beaches when morale does not go ...

Domyos unveils you a few secrets to go on holiday with the zen spirit and take it easy!


Take the time to establish a priority list of the moment. Put aside all the futile things you think about hitting before your exit. To avoid running to all sides, set up a schedule to organize yourself better and get things right. You will resolve your last things calmly, having solved the principal.


When it comes to working, avoid leaving chores to others during the holidays! Get organized in advance to finish in a timely manner, you will be Zen if you can actually disconnect from the work universe, without worrying about what awaits you around. You will feel much better if your folders are closed and no one can complain about you.


With only a few weeks left before the great turnaround, practice sports to oxygenate your body! There is nothing better than unleashing your tensions to forget the day-to-day disturbances. Physical activity acts favorably on your mood, you focus on yourself, leaving your worries aside. 25 minutes of exercise is enough for your body to secrete endorphins, wellness, and fullness hormones. So, let's fly towards liberation, letting our body speak and turbinating our form!


Discover our tips for learning how to manage your emotions and your stress. By applying some relaxing exercises, you will quickly find relaxation and well-being!


Sylvain Baert, Ph.D. in sports psychology and member of CROPS *, explains the key element of any relaxation: breathing.

 "Many people breathe" thoracic "(in inspiration, chest lift, and contracted abdomen). Instead of being broad and deep (breathing in the abdomen), our breath is choppy (breathing in the chest). Therefore, the fact of really deep breathing gives a true sense of calm and a real awakening of the mental part. In fact, the abdominal breathing calls for the parasympathetic * part of the autonomic nervous system, which allows relaxation. It is important to learn the breath known as "abdominal" or "by the belly."

This is an observation by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. * When we breathe normally and superficially (essentially with the aid of the rib cage) is the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) that takes the reins, increasing the anxiety. On the contrary, slow and deep breathing will allow the parasympathetic nervous system (SNP) to block the anxiogenic effects of the sympathetic system: it then triggers relaxation and provides a state of calm.

 This non-existent movement when breathing through the chest or shoulders produces an in-depth massage to the inspiration of the solar plexus (neurovegetative nerve center located between the navel and the sternum) and the internal abdominal organs. Many anguish resentful at the level of the solar plexus will disappear spontaneously. "


Sitting on the ground and leaning against a wall or lying on your back perform this exercise (abdominal breathing):

  • Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose
  • Put a hand on the abdomen and exhale through the mouth, contracting it slightly (pull voluntarily with the hand to contract the abdomen)
  • And inhale through the nose only swelling the abdomen (the abdomen is stewed)
  • Breathe slowly through the mouth (exhalation is slower than inspiration)
  • Repeat the exercise 3 times in a row

Sylvain Baert adds that the fact of controlling his breathing in this way (about 6 respiratory cycles per minute, thanks to slow expiration, instead of 12 to 20 cycles in normal time) allows to achieve the cardiac coherence ** associated with a state of calm and relaxation.


This is what we call mindfulness technique (meditation with full consciousness). To understand better what it is necessary, read this quotation from Leonardo da Vinci: "Man looks without seeing, listens without understanding, touches without feeling, eats without appreciation, moves without perceiving, breathes without being aware of the scents or perfumes and speak without thinking ".

So, starting from this premise ... Living the present moment, how does it work? Train several times a day, focusing your attention on your breathing or a neutral object. Every time you feel your spirit wander, bring it back to focus.

By adopting this method, you will better manage your emotions, you will learn to master them better and accept them. The main point of full awareness is that you can be present for what exists now.

So it's agreed, let's get out of your autopilot mode and live the present moment to stay relaxed and take full advantage of the holidays


Use the Rest Imagination Technique to relax! It consists of mentally escaping to an imaginary or real place (exclusively positive place, pleasant memories, vacations to come).


After a few relaxing breaths, imagine a holiday on a paradisiacal island or in a quiet, positive, pleasant place - as if you were already upside down, rocked by the gentle heat of the Sun. Let yourself be invaded by this place, as if you were there, you feel good ... Picture every detail of this imaginary or real place: the colors, the contours, the characters, the sea, the palm trees, the fine sand ... Feel the sensation of the wind, of the heat, of the hot sand on the skin. Enjoy the sensations of well-being, calmness, and serenity that this place gives you ...


For those who would like to try out other techniques, also discover Jacobson's sociology or progressive relaxation method (physical relaxation exercises and mental relaxation exercises).

Follow some yoga, Qi-Gong, Taï chi classes at your Domyos club before the big exit and do not forget: it's not worth worrying, the holidays were made to relax!


Isabelle Ranghino, head of Wellness product at Domyos, unveils her little tricks to leave with the tranquil spirit.

"What to do to evacuate stress before the holidays? I have my own ritual that I consciously follow! "See below:

  • I renew ties with nature, I fan my mind while walking
  • I start my days with 10 min of yoga of the 5 Tibetans (energy gymnastics composed of 5 simple asanas or postures)
  • I have a slow abdominal breathing
  • I practice cardiac coherence 5 min/day

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