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Keep the line and see some superfluous pounds disappear: this is what often marks the life of a woman! at every age, regimes evolve. The more we get older, the more difficult it is to lose weight. Discover, in our guide, the tricks to say enough to pounds in all ages.


It's a beautiful age of reason! This is assumed at all levels: professionally, personally, sentimentally ... when we finally grow up, when we usually leave family protection ... when we learn to be definitely autonomous and responsible, not forgetting the sense of the party and the pleasures of the exits! The age at which women prepare to have a baby if they have not yet! The sedentarism is lurking ...

Thirty is the age when calories stop giving us gifts: who does not know the famous yo-yo effect! To take care of the line we resort to regimes. However, these do not have the same effects as when we were 20 years old ... The race to the pounds becomes more dangerous for this body that does not stop to metamorphose.

This body that hitherto spared us, leaving us gently to enjoy until the excess resembles suddenly of the nights of celebration ... Restaurants, aperitifs, alcohol, tobacco and stress form an explosive cocktail that sticks us to the skin: the accumulation of weight comes in and the calories are out for a long time!

Worrying about what if we do not want to store!


We learn to stabilize by measuring excesses! It is no longer a question of giving up all pleasures among friends: let's approach some madness, but we stay on the diet in the days following the party. By eating in a balanced way you will feel lighter! The excesses of the evening are compensated for by paying attention to the calories absorbed.

As they say: keeping fit and having fun is good for your health! Warning to all those who have abandoned the sport for a long time! We resort to fitness gyms to oxygenate the body, burn calories, tone and depart with the right foot. Alone or with friends, we go to the gym in full regime!


The crisis of the forty is said? It is not difficult to imagine the day-to-day life of a woman who passes the mark of 40 years. Among the children that need to be treated, the hectic days, the work to be managed, the man of his life to pamper ... There is no time to take care of ourselves and even less to maintain form regularly. The muscles lose volume, the skin becomes flaccid, the fat mass installs smoothly and becomes difficult to dislodge. This period of a woman's life involves several changes: fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, hormones that shake (too much estrogen or insufficient), the slowing of cellular renewal, effective emotions.

It is natural to see the silhouette evolve, with the installation of a few pounds. Random schemes only aggravate things. The body has difficulty burning calories, cellulite is more tenacious. The waist, hips, belly, thighs become target zones where fat sets in.


We teach the whole family to eat healthily! No more refrigerants, pre-prepared dishes, chips, cold meats, smoked fish ... Ban on too salty foods, especially if you suffer from fluid retention. At lunch, we make a light meal in the office (salad, fruit, and dairy) and avoid snacking between meals or allow ourselves to cheat on hunger with few calories (like an apple, for example). In the 40-year-old women's regime, omega-3 is the king. Present in avocados, canola oil, nuts, fish, this helps to stimulate memory and cognitive functions. Do not take away the antioxidants found in red fruits, raisins, peppers, broccoli ... perfect for fighting to age.

The stress that marks the daily life of an active mother encourages weight accumulation. To find the zen attitude, we launched ourselves into yoga classes to release the spirit and tone the body at the same time.

To challenge the installed cellulite, we booked at least one fitness session per week, the opportunity to regain shape and slim. Let's go with friends and schedule a meeting to decompress. If we do not have enough time, we do at least 10 minutes of gymnastics a day to keep the line.

The secret of a firm and smooth skin lies in self-massage: it regularly massages the body for good circulation, which increases the combustion of calories.


The fifty are a difficult milestone to go through with all the hormonal changes that affect everyday life. Menopause, the sworn enemy of all, involves changes in the body, in particular with a build-up of belly-level weight, due to the drop in estrogen which significantly opens the appetite ... The lymphatic system slows down and the body fills with toxins. The muscles fuse, fat accumulates in the lower part of the body with cessation of ovarian activity. Tissues lose elasticity, fluid retention increases. The fat mass overrides the lean mass: we store because the body spends less. Already noticed, the silhouette changes!


Even if weight loss is slower at age 50, it is useless to lower your arms! We put ourselves in condition and in the dish we balanced the food. We ban the snacks that have no reason to be, we suppress all saturated fats (cakes, pre-prepared meals ...) and put the turbo in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and omega 3. We learn the kitchens at home small meals to savor and forget all the frustrations.

Did the children leave the nest? We used to take back pleasures that we had abandoned! We say enough superfluous pounds and fight against osteoporosis (bone fragility) by adopting regular physical activity. Without hesitation, we dedicate ourselves to cardio-training (fixed bicycle, elliptical bike, treadmill, paddles) that contributes to good cardiovascular functioning, improves endurance and burns calories. To maintain good muscle tonus and to stretch gently, we dedicate ourselves to stretching classes. If the body does not allow it, we pick up air daily and resume the pleasure of walking to oxygenate and maintain the line.

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