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Stress at work, crazy competition or excessive schedules ... You get caught up in stress again. You did everything to avoid it, but he came back at a gallop ... Discover the effective methods to learn to relax in the day-to-day.


At the time of the lunch break, he often runs to buy a sandwich and returns to eat it on top of his computer to close the process that is expected at 2:00 p.m. In short, a pattern that is repeated over and over again. weeks and that becomes a serious habit. In addition to the nutritional problems that this behavior entails, it only rarely dispenses the time to make a real break with a serious meal ...

However, a good diet is not content to only fill the stomach, it also feeds the soul. Give a break! Leave your place of work and treat yourself to a full meal. Invite friends or dive into a book, perfect for decompression. In the dish, choose whole foods, a pasta dish, for example. Prefer the banana, too, because serotonin promotes good humor. Sprinkle your dishes with parsley or coriander, since your linalool fights the dark thoughts.


The hysteria attacks of some, the results that are expected, the unexpected hassles ... What if you choose to laugh? The laughter is true inner jogging which is accompanied by a production of endorphins that spread in abundance in the brain. He projects you into pleasure and helps you see the bright side of life. The playful spirit allows you to decompress and cultivate well-being. Clearly, shake it off with strong, regular laughter and flee the pessimists! Frequent laughing lessons. For this, exercises of yoga, stretching, and relaxation is performed which allow you to reconnect progressively to the joy of living. Here the laughter is reanimated by performing exercises similar to those of pampering. Laughter becomes more and more spontaneous until it becomes true. An exercise that allows you to let go of yourself and get rid of everything that weighs you down!


To eliminate your stress and fill up with energy, try plantar reflexology. A technique that has existed in China for thousands of years and has only benefits to calm the body and mind. The innumerable reflex circuits of the soles of our feet regulate the functions of the organism. Stimulating these energy points can alleviate many of the ills that spoil our lives. This method of massage undoes the nervous tensions, combating the bad vibrations and reestablishes the balance of our organism.

At home, after a day's work, do your own reflexology session. The stimulating point on the sole of the foot corresponds to the solar plexus (the diaphragm), where stresses are concentrated. Massage through pressures for one minute to the top of the sole, just below the joint of the toes, relaxing from time to time.


Disorder everywhere, objects turned inside out ... What if the problem also comes from within? To do this, discover Feng Shui. A Chinese art that aims to optimize the layout of its habitat in order to harmonize the energies that circulate. Your goal? Promote the circulation of good quality chi. Feng Shui allows you to live better and put an order in your life to achieve better personal fulfillment. Clearly, you should harmonize your cocoon to increase your quality of life and combat stress. If your home looks like you, then you will feel good there and will progress easily in your life.

As? Reconfigure its interior to facilitate the movement of Chi. Begin by eliminating the useless: get rid of superfluous and unnecessary objects that get in the way of your home. The notion of space is essential. Avoid the sharp angles and sharp edges that break the energy to the maximum. Also, remove the negative and violent images from your decor.


Do anxieties pick you up even when you're in bed and change your sleep? Try this grandmother's medicine to reassure your nights. Put on your pillow about 5 drops of lavender essential oil or a sachet of dried lavender flowers (which you prepared yourself) next to it. The reason? Japanese researchers have shown that smelling the essential oil of lavender daily for 5 minutes could have an effect on stress, including thanks to a reduction of the hormone cortisol, the stress hormone. With this trick, you can fall asleep more quietly. A simple gesture to apply at bedtime daily to help you improve the quality of your sleep. Ensure quiet nights!

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