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Foods With Acrylamide, A Substance Harmful To Health

Foods With Acrylamide, A Substance Harmful To Health

Today, many researchers are dedicated to investigating the 'hidden' dangers of taking acrylamide for our health. Although there is still no consensus in this regard, many experts say that this substance may be carcinogenic

Acrylamide is a substance mainly present in some chemical compounds. It is also present in some foods, and so may end up being consumed daily by humans. Find out which foods contain acrylamide to follow.

We will see what acrylamide is, where we find it and why its consumption is harmful to our health.

What is acrylamide? Is it harmful to your health?

Acrylamide is a chemical used to form compounds such as polyacrylamide. Acrylamide was officially discovered and registered during the 1950s, in the last century.

Since then, the properties of this substance have been used in various industrial processes, which has proved very profitable for different economies.

In mid-2002, some researchers at the University of Stockholm discovered a high concentration of acrylamide in some workers. At first, his hypothesis was that these high rates were due to exposure to certain chemical compounds.

After years of accompanying these workers, the researchers found that acrylamide was acquired through their diet. In this way, it was discovered that acrylamide was also present, in a natural state, in some foods. This was the beginning of an alarming concern worldwide, as we will see below.

Where do we find acrylamide?

Currently, acrylamide is mainly used in the production process of plastics, paper, and colorants. We can also find it in some common products in our houses, such as food packaging, sealants (glue, etc.) and some adhesives.

Acrylamide is also used in the treatment of water (residential, sewage and drinking). In addition, this substance is present in tobacco smoke and can, therefore, be considered as an 'indirect' waste from the tobacco industry.

In addition, acrylamide can be formed during the high-temperature cooking process of some carbohydrate-rich foods and is also found in some preserves and beverages.

What foods contain acrylamide?

Acrylamide is mainly formed when we expose foods rich in an amino acid called asparagine at high temperatures. This amino acid is present in foods rich in carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice, corn, wheat, and its derivatives.

Therefore, the main food sources are fried or baked goods made from cereal flours. For example French fries, bread, cookies, sweet or savory cookies, breakfast cereals, etc. Other foods rich in acrylamide are black olives, coffee, and plum juice.

What are the risks of acrylamide for our health?

Scientific studies state that food and tobacco smoke are the main sources of exposure to acrylamide for the world's population. As we see, we can expose ourselves daily to this substance also through our diet.

And why is the consumption of acrylamide harmful to human health? There is still no consensus on this. But many studies suggest that exposure to acrylamide increases the risk of different types of cancer.

As a result of these analyses, the National Toxicology Program indicates that it would be correct to classify acrylamide as a human carcinogen. There are many recommendations to remove this substance from human consumption so that the production of food containing acrylamide is modified, or at least that the intake of acrylamide is reduced.

When it enters the human body, acrylamide is transformed into a compound called glycidamide. Many investigations have shown that glycidamide is capable of causing damage and changes in DNA. This may explain why high levels of acrylamide leave the body more prone to the development of cancer.

Many workers in the coal industry, for example, had significant neurological damage. Subsequently, these changes were found to be related to exposure to acrylamide, used to clarify water in this industry.

In addition, some scientific experiments have shown that neurological damage can also be caused by the inhalation of acrylamide.

Now, then, you already know that it is best to avoid these foods that contain acrylamide so that we can be healthier and have a substance-free diet that can be toxic to our body.

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